Сборы заграницей

Мы рады предложить Вам  поехать на тренировочные сборы по теннису в академии Австралии(Голд-кост), Израиля ( Win-Gate sports Institute), Miami (Fort Lauderdale tennis academy)


The Wingate Institute, Israel’s National Centre for Physical Education and Sport, was inaugurated in 1957 and is named in honour of Major General Orde Charles Wingate “The Friend”.

The State of Israel concentrates at the Institute the educational, professional and scientific resources for the development of physical education, «sport for all», and elite sport and sport as a means of social and physical rehabilitation.

Some 5000 academics, coaches, athletes, students and the general public — both native-born Israeli and new immigrants — pass daily through Wingate’s gates. The Institute serves as a training centre for national teams, the Olympic Squad and hosts international sport science conferences.

In recognition of extraordinary achievements in the field of education, sport medicine and research, the then President of the State of Israel  — the late Mr. Haim Herzog — awarded the prestigious Israel Prize to the Wingate Institute in 1989.

The Wingate Institute includes:

- Sports Hotel
- Swimming Pools
- Sport and Gymnastic Halls
- Fitness Gymnasia
- Sport Fields
- Fitness and Recuperation Centre
- Track & Field Stadium
- Sport Recreation Centre
- International Jewish Sports Hall of — - Fame Exhibition
- Permanent Exhibition on Physical Education & Sport

- Central Reference Library
- In-House Publishing
- Audio-Visual Department
- Archives on Sport and Physical Education
- Seminar and Congress Facilities, Corporate fun and sport days
- Dining Rooms
- Halls of Residence
- Cafetaria and Sport Goods Shop

All these facilities and services are at the disposal of the sportsmen — professional and amateur alike — coaches and instructors, physical education teachers and the sports-minded public at large.


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